Modern internet marketing tools are becoming popular every single day. Why should you care? This is primarily because these modern marketing tools can have a positive effect on your online traffic, leads, and sales.  This modern tool can assist you greatly by giving you a competitive edge over other online marketing competitors.

As the internet business is evolving, it creates room for opportunities and competition every day and this has become crucial to the online success. Another important thing to consider as a full-time marketer is that your expectations will solely depend on being able to maintain afloat of all the modern ways of marketing on the web.

Having all these in mind, I would like to share with you some of the modern marketing tools that have been working effectively for me. Some of these tools are marketing software while others are SEO techniques, marketing tips etc. All these modern software tools have assisted me, one way or the other in reaching out to my online goals.

REAL LINK FINDER: this little link-building tool comes in handy as it boosts your popularity link as well as your SE rankings. It allows you discover targeted blogs that don't have the "no follow" tags, so as to enable your links to be inclusive in all the search engines.

PEEL AWAY ADS: these are easy ads which are situated at the corner of a web page. When a cursor moves over the portrayed image, the page peels away to display your ads or promotion. Might look a bit tricky but like the pop-up or fade-in, they just work perfectly well. You would surely get more sign-ups and sales.

VIDEO MARKETING: making use of videos as a marketing tool is becoming a norm on the web. If you are not promoting your products with videos, you are losing a surmountable portion of the online services presently on the web. Making use of videos to give a detailed account of your product on your site is an added advantage for sign-ups. Videos that go viral on your links or sites can bring out greater results when uploaded on youtube or google plus.


One of the most vital transformations in present years has been the increase in the importance and utilizing of social bookmarking sites like Digg, Technorati and much more. These sites are now in the possession of huge traffic numbers and should not be neglected from your online marketing.

You must link your contents with these sites. It is quite easy to use as social media sites make use of tags, which are basically easy keywords that assist in categorizing contents and connections. If you are making use of the popular WordPress blog software, each section will be considered a tag. You can easily create a tag in Technorati by making use of this code.


One of the simplest ways I have discovered in tapping into the entire social media setting is to put and add this button to your web pages for your visitors to see. This button is free and takes few seconds to set up on your pages. Just for you to be certain it works;

I currently received 70,000 visitors to one of my sites in a day from such media sites, but most of this traffic is temporary and not permanent. The enormous traffic numbers will stay for a long period of time only if your links or bookmarks are on the front pages of these famous sites.


In order to allow this to work, you must have a blog and RSS Feed linked with your site or product. It is important you take advantage of this technology so as to get your content spread across the web and the world at large.

RSS is simply a code that displays your content to all interested parties; it genuinely stands for Rich Site Summary and was a method of summarizing the content and spreading it around. Most people presently refer to RSS as Really Simple Syndication. PROFESSIONAL MARKETING: it is an effective method to sell both offline and online so as to promote oneself as a professional in the field of one's choice.

LONG TAIL NICHE MARKETING: this is another effective method that is used in online sales as they make use of long tail keywords in their niche market. This means that instead of aiming at general and very competitive keywords, you aimless at competitive long tail keywords in a smaller niche market. I have discovered this skill to be very good for associate marketing and the trick is to find the suitable long tail phrase while making use of the search engines, construct your contents or URL to match it. I recommend Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite software program to be extremely helpful in searching for long tail keywords. For more information visit this site

GURU FAST TRACK: one of the fastest and most rapid methods of earning surmountable amounts online is to clinch with large marketing gurus and utilize their contact lists. If you have very high-quality information on a particular product, then partnering with these savvy markets can be a very good option for you to put an effort to it. These marketing experts are valuable assets that can be used to one’s advantage. Although their harsh marketing formats could be a turn off to a lot of people, you can’t deny their methods because it surely works.

MICRO-LIST MARKETING: this is one of the most effective tools to be used. I have discovered that building a big opt-in list is not the actual key to online wealth but rather, creating a small micro list for each of your promoted goods to enable them to become more productive. You may have hundreds or thousands of various micro lists. You may decide to utilize an unlimited autoresponder program such as Aweber to deal with and manage all the lists. In summary, one must put in mind the complex dealings going on in the internet market. In essence, there’s no single marketing tool that will do the job effectively. You need the entire amount of tools working together so as to produce an effective end result for your internet marketing.

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